Wish .com are they scammers?

My Story

I experienced the worst service ever from wish .com, an online shopping site, I purchased a drone in December of 2017, my payment went through easy enough, I received email updates as to progress of my order as time lapsed, estimated delivery was February 2018, yeah I thought so too, a long wait ahead.

The delivery date came and went, upon inquiries I was informed the order left their warehouse, was posted, by the way, I paid extra for delivery as I thought their “free delivery” was way too long.

Weeks and months elapsed, still no delivery from wish .com, to cut it short, I wrote a stinking letter to wish approx. 3 months ago, I did not receive a reply, I wrote the experience off as a loss and moved on.

This week, the 3rd June, I received an email informing me wish had approved a refund and it would be deposited shortly. On 6th June 2018, my refund reflected in my account, I could not believe it


So it got me thinking, if this happens often enough, can you imagine how much wish .com makes on 8 months bank interest?. Do you get it?, they promise to fulfill orders, take your money, invest it with their banks, refund you, the client, months later, and keep their integrity in tact and the interest earned with your money.

I for one am wise to their tactics, and will not shop from wish .com again, furthermore, I will never recommend anyone to do so either.


What experiences can you share about wish?, have you had similar experiences or was yours satisfactory, I would like to hear from you. Reply in the comments section below.


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