The Best SEO Keyword Tool-Google 1st Page Rankings Achieved

The best SEO Keyword Tool-got me ranked, 1st page Google

How I got my post on car oil landing in Google’s 1st page rankings in less than 2 days, using the best SEO Keyword Tool, Jaaxy.

My 1st website was Vehicle Maintenance and Repairs,  I needed to post an article on car oil warning lights, I was stumped in finding a title for my post that would rank well in Google.

More on Keywords Here                                                                                                        What of other keyword tools?

I found Jaaxy, joined for free and started to generate a title for my post, see the results below.

I used the 1st result, as it had a high number of searches, good traffic and a QSR of 114, which in my opinion was not bad,

I used “stop oil light on why?”, I used it as my post’s title and see the results on Google Search Engine below, after 2 days.

So, in short, JAAXY is the best, try it with 30 FREE searches, after which 2 membership options are available.

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