My Wealthy Affiliate

Who or What is Wealthy Affiliate ?

This question needs to be answered with 1st hand experience, I have more than 1 year under my belt, here’s the inside scoop.

My Story

For many years I contemplated supplementing my income with a part time job, something I could do in my spare time, but without taking away all my much needed recreational time, I love being outdoors and adventure.
So I figured something online as I was fairly computer literate, knew Microsoft Office, like Word and Excel, had some experience with the internet, so I thought what the H. lets do it.

Well easier said than done, Daunting is a word that comes to mind. What a minefield, I joined organisations that promised the Moon in exchange for my hard earned money, I received no value back, this went on for a few years, until one day out of the blue, I came across an article while researching on the internet, that went something like this, “Wealthy Affiliate Scam”, it pricked my interest as I was compiling a list of scam sites on the internet, just so I could avoid them in the future. I saved Wealthy Affiliate to this list without really reading it.

My take on Wealthy Affiliate (a short video)

Some time went by, I eventually got back to my scam site list, went to the sign up page, still apprehensive, I got a new Gmail email account and signed up to Wealthy Affiliate.

I read all there was to read before signing up with a free Wealthy Affiliate account and realized  it was a legitimate free business opportunity, still apprehensive, I started the free tutorials and browsed the community within Wealthy Affiliate. I loved it and saw the value and visioned my online future here at Wealthy Affiliate University.

By now I knew what a scam looked like, Wealthy Affiliate was not one, I went Premium a short while later, realizing its value, I learned to

  • build websites
  • get it ranked on search engines, such as Google
  • use keywords effectively
  • join and use affiliate programs
  • the value of leveraging video
  • sell items relevant to my niche via my website
  • promote my sites on social media
  •  and help others do the same

Here at Wealthy Affiliate, we believe success is multiplied when we Pay It Forward.

I am going from strength to strength and just celebrated my 1st Anniversary at Wealthy Affiliate. The Premium Membership monthly fee value is almost ludicrous, compared to what I laid out with other scam programs I was involved with in the past.

I found my alternative source of income to sustain me in my latter years, something less physically demanding. I found it here at Wealthy Affiliate

#Please comment below and do not hesitate to contact me in the contact section of my website.

I want to help others do the same.

I am Gary De La Cruz,

Wishing you

Great success with your future,

No matter what you decide.

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