I will endevour to deliver a comprehensive Jaaxy Keyword Tool review in the next few paragraphs. Including 30 keyword searches by creating a no obligation account, free.

We use Keywords for, Research, Projects, Video Tutorials, Social Searching and to improve our website rankings with Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines.

And most importantly to gain better rankings on the major search engines such as, Google, Bing & Yahoo.
Jaaxy is the best keyword tool available, here is why:-

Reviewing Jaaxy

The Jaaxy Keyword Tool
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Product Name:- Jaaxy

Product:- Keyword Search Tool

Owners:- Kyle & Carson (Owners of Wealthy Affiliate)

Overall Rating:-    

My Rating:-   

Website:- http://www.jaaxy.com

Origin:- Canada

Application:- For accurate and informative keyword searches

Available From:- Jaaxy Website and various links to it.

Endorsements:- Wealthy Affiliate Community (approx. 800 000 strong)

Price:- Free / Pro $19 per month / Enterprize $49 per month


Keywords are as the name suggests words that are key to describing a topic, person, item or phrase that is being searched for on the Internet.

We use Keywords for:

  • Finding information on various topics of interest
  • Projects
  • Research
  • Video Tutorials
  • Social Searching
  • Improving our website Rankings with Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines.
  • Even for finding long lost family and friends

Keywords are used in internet searches to define search parameters in order to narrow down website’s offering similar information,

Google, Bing and Yahoo, amongst others, make use of algorithms to prioritise certain keywords.

This is known as rankings; a good ranking for one’s website is being placed on the 1st landing page of search engines, using popularly searched keywords in your blog post’s heading, and body.

Membership Options

Membership for Jaaxy
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Many keyword tools are created to predict the strength of these keywords by studying how frequently they are used on search engines by internet users,


Jaaxy is one of the world leading keyword search tools.

Jaaxy the best keyword tool available
Jaaxy the best keyword tool available free trial

Now using strong keywords can determine the amount of traffic a website will receive, therefore it is vital to know which keywords are popular amongst internet users.

Jaaxy was built with online marketeers in mind, by helping in choosing niche’s by popularized keywords.

The keyword alphabet soup technique, is one way of finding popular keywords. It works as follows,

In the google search engine you would type a keyword, immediately after that keyword, you would type the letter, a and google search engine will give you at least 5 predictions with the letter, a preceding your keyword eg,

  • money a
  • money aviation
  • money account app
  • money as a means of payment
  • money affirmations

And so one can continue with b, c, d all the way through the alphabet, but it has its limitations, here is where Jaaxy takes the advantage.


Jaaxy Search Results
Jaaxy Search Results

It provides so much more information on keywords than Google, Bing and Yahoo, like:

  • Avg – The amount of searches on that particular keyword for the month.
  • Traffic – How much traffic to your site when achieving 1st place with that specific keyword.
  • QSR – Quoted Search Results, the amount of competition for the chosen keyword.
  • KQI – Keyword Quality Indicator, Green is Excellent / Yellow is fine / Red is bad.
  • SEO – Score based on competition, out of 100, the higher the better.
  • Domains – You can search Domains to see how well it will do on the search engine.
  • Related Keywords – Similar keywords related to the specific one you are researching.
  • Brainstorming – More keyword ideas to improve the strength of the keyword you are working with.


  • All of the above.
  • A free trial allowing 30 keyword searches.
  • 2 choice for the paid for versions of Jaaxy.
  • Jaaxy finds keywords with low competition.
  • Eliminates guesswork when determining popularized online searched keywords.
  • Can determine website rankings for specific keywords.
  • Reduces keyword competition on the web by providing strong relevant keywords.
  • Ongoing training within the Jaaxy platform.
  • Jaaxy brainstorming module.
  • Active keyword searching.
  • Saved keywords list.
  • Instant QSR rankings.
  • Saved search History.
  • Jaaxy has one of the best and highest commision payout, Affiliate Programmes.
Jaaxy Affiliate Program
Earn With Jaaxy



  • It is only available in English
  • Free Keyword Tool is limited in it’s functionality
  • Lowest price version is still a bit expensive with high end features that will not be used frequently.


My Personal Experience with Jaaxy

Jaaxy improved my website’s Google Rankings, as Follows, (at the time of this review 10 July 2017)

Of 25 Posts on my Website,

  • 19 posts were ranked on 1st page of Google, using the keywords I obtained by using Jaaxy
  • 3 Posts, were ranked on the second page of Google
  • 3 Posts did not feature.


Below are 3 examples of my ranking pages for your perusal.


1st Success with Jaaxy
1st Success with Jaaxy



2nd Success with Jaaxy
2nd Success with Jaaxy



3rd Success with Jaaxy
3rd Success with Jaaxy

With the above results, I have to say that Jaaxy is the keyword tool that I will be using throughout my online career, which will be a long time forward.

Try it here FREE

 My Final Opinion

Jaaxy is a necessary tool if you are serious about building a successful online marketing enterprize,

Due to high competition, it will give you the edge to be fiercely competitive online,

It will help you to improve your website’s rankings within the various online search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Yes, I endorse Jaaxy fully, you need it too, to gain success online !


Jaaxy Explained
Jaaxy Explained

Special Bonus

Jaaxy’s Pro and Enterprise plans now come with free bonus training material: two exclusive videos and a keyword rich PDF file with tons of golden nuggets, keywords for you to use right away.


Has this review helped you in any way?  Which keyword tool do you use, and is it working for you?


Can I be of assistance to you in any way?

Ask a question or leave a comment I will reply ASAP

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Until Next Time “Safe Motoring”

My Animated Signature
My Animated Signature


This is Me, Gary
This is Me, Gary
Here is a link to your financial freedom
Here is a link to your financial freedom






Jaaxy Keyword Tool








Ease Of Use





  • A free account including 30 free keyword searches
  • Low Competition Keywords
  • Instant QSR Rankings.
  • Jaaxy brainstorming module.
  • Ongoing Training Within The Jaaxy Platform


  • Only available in English
  • Free Keyword Tool is limited in it's functionality
  • Lowest price version is still a bit expensive with high end features that will not be used frequently.

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  1. Ilias

    Hi Gary,

    I use Jaaxy for keyword, niche and domain name research.

    When I started using it for my keyword research, I found after a few searches really low competition keywords. I simply wrote an article on some of them and in the next weeks I was on the first page of Google.

    It is a great tool that anyone can use easily.

    Thanks for sharing,

    1. Gary De La Cruz

      Hello Ilias

      Thank you for the visit to my website and sharing your positive experience with Jaaxy, as you can see from my review I have included screenshots of my success here with Jaaxy, it is an incredibly useful tool for us online entrepreneurs and a valuable one to have in our tool box.

      All the best to you in going forward Ilias.

  2. Alejandra.

    Hi Gary,

    Thanks for sharing this great Jaaxy review, I must say I don’t use it as often as I should when I write a new post for my website, you make clear here what is the difference when you use it and you see great results ranking great your articles, after reading your article I will use it!


    1. Gary De La Cruz

      Hello Alejandra
      Thank you for visiting my website and your favourable comments, as you can see the results which I included in my review in the form of screenshots, of some of the ranking pages in Google, speaks for itself, using Jaaxy is definitely worth it.It produces great results.

      All the best Alejandra


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