Gary De La Cruz

Gary is a 30+ year veteran Auto Mechanic with a flair for adventure, constantly out there seeking to improve himself and dragging others along in a bid to improve their circumstances, be it physical, mental or financial.
He functions equally well in groups or alone, his ethics are above average and despises double dealing and false promises as he experienced 1st hand many times in his life.

Never satisfied with his lot, constantly seeking a better way of doing things, these traits ensure he misses very little concerning opportunities available for self improvement.

Gary is a successful business owner and almost always succeeds at what he tries his hand at, inviting you to join him in his adventure of financial freedom, using Affiliate Marketing as a tool.

Hosting Vehicle Maintenance and, where he helps others with car repair procedures, product reviews, support and advice concerning cars. So it seems he has a passion for helping others and loves seeing people succeed.

Gary also hosts a recreational website named Tech & where he highlights the relationship of technology and the outdoors, how it compliments each other in real life applications.